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Welcome to Seamless Cares. We are a locally owned business based in Lethbridge that provides individualized caregiving to those who would like to live an independent life. Clients can count on the same caregiver, no more guessing who will show up or what care will be provided.

Welcome To Seamless Cares

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No more rotating care givers, one on one personal care so you always know who will be there and what help is being provided.

Broad Approach To In-home Care

From light tidying, meal prep to more traditional Home Care Services. Seamless Cares provides all services that a loved one may need.

Customizable Packages

Find a package that covers all of your needs and gives you the flexibility to get the care that is most important to you and your loved one.


A List Of Our Services

We provide a broad spectrum of helpful services, not just your ordinary Home Care Services. 

Questions about services or a specific need for a client or loved one? Give us a call to see if we are able to provide the care they need.

Phone Check-Ins

Daily and weekly phone check-ins.   

Errand Planning

Organizing and setting up weekly errands.

Preparing Meals

Preparing and serving meals.          

Helping With Technology

Setting up and connecting family/friends with technology.

Meal Planning

Planning for the weeks meals and snacks.

Personal Errands

Organizing and completing weekly errands. 

Household Tidying

Household tidying and light cleaning.

Paper Organizations

Including financials, medical, taxes, pay bills, funding, etc


Games, puzzles, conversation ect.

Medical Reminders

Medication reminders in-person and over phone.

Physical Activities

Physical activites outdoors and facillities. 

Pet Care

Pet care of feeding, walking and cleaning.

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Monday to Thursday : 9am – 4pm

Friday :  9am – 1pm


(403) 329 3930


555 Wt Hill Blvd S #201, Lethbridge,
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