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We are looking forward to the opportunity to hear all about you or your family member. We believe you know your care needs or the care needs of your family member best. That is why we offer our free consultations to go over our tier program. Whether you would prefer to meet at our office or your home, we will be able to accommodate either.  

Flexible Plans

Because your care plan needs to be flexible and work for you, we offer a tier program designed for any scenario.  With all of our tiers, we will pair you with your Care Giver.  This individual will be there for you from beginning to end. 

Your Care Giver will build a team around you so even when your needs increase, the same individual you have come to rely on and trust will be by your side. Your Care Giver will work with your schedule whether it is daily, an hour here or there, once a week, biweekly or any other time frame.    

Full Service Care

When outside sources such as PT, OT, family counselling etc are needed, we will bring them directly to you.  There is no need to make multiple calls, we are the only call you need.  

Client Directed Home Care Program

From Alberta Blue Cross

The Client Directed Home Care program offered from Alberta Blue Cross is a provincial initiative providing individuals with the freedom to choose their preferred home care services provider. Seamless Cares is excited to be a provider of the CDHCI program offering personal care services, home support, and respite care.

To determine your eligibility for the CDHCI program, reach out to your current AHS Case Manager. Alternatively, you can contact the AHS Community Home Care Intake line at (811) for a self-referral. This will prompt a Case Manager to visit your home, assess your specific needs, and allocate hours accordingly.

Our Tier Based Pricing

Tier 1 – 20 hrs | Starting at $900/mth +GST

Tier 1 is designed for individuals who are still fairly active but would welcome assistance up to 20 hours monthly. 

Tier 2 – 50 hrs | Starting at $2,250/mth +GST

Tier 2 would be ideal for those individuals who need more regular assistance but remain active.

Tier 3 – 150 hrs | Starting at $6,750/mth +GST

When the time comes to pass the heavy lifting of daily life task on to someone full time, this is when Tier 3 is suited for you or your loved one. 

Tier 4 – 300 hrs | Starting at $13,500/mth +GST

Tier 4, is suited for those who health is declining and need assistance beyond “regular working hours” 

Custom Options Avalible

Tier 5 is our final tier  and is our custom Tier.  Whether it is 24/7 care or our others tiers don/t meet your needs, we will create a plan just for you. 

Get In Touch

If you need help deciding which tier is right for you get in contact and we can decide together the level of care that is right for your scenario.

How It Works

Starting Out

After the one time administration fee has been received, You will work closely with our Family Ambassador to match a care giver (s) to your loved one based on your needs.  You and your loved one will have an opportunity to meet your potential Independent Advocate and ensure it is a good match.

The family and the client in need will have a direct line with the Family Ambassador and start to build a plan for the month based on the needs of the client and the hours available to the client.

The plan can contain any of the services we provide and can be a combination of multiple services. This means there can be transportation to appointments, meal prep and outdoor activities all planned for the month. 

How It Works

Day to Day 

Once the plan is in place and the family, Care Giver and Client all approve it, the support will then start. A shared calendar of all activities and support will be shared with the client, Family Members and the Care Giver.

Your Care Giver will be qualified to cover all needs of the client may have. Seamless Cares believes in building and maintaining the relationship of clients and their care givers. Once matched up, the Care Giver and client will stay matched up.

How It Works

Additional Services

Throughout your time spent with your Care Giver, if you feel there needs to be more or less time spent with the loved one or additional or less support that can benefit your loved one, you can always change up your tier for the following month.

Moving up tiers or taking on additional Care givers will not change which care giver you has been paired with at the start. The relationship between the client and the care giver will continue with additional care. 

Do You Have Any Questions?

Seamless Cares

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about any of the services provided by Seamless Cares, please get in touch with us to ensure complete understanding of how we can help you and your loved ones.


Screened Professional Caregivers


Same Caregiver Day To Day


Additional services not provided by AHS


Many Services Can Be Provided In One Tier

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