Services We Can Provide

We work with your scenario to build a custom care plan that meets and exceeds all of the assistance you or your loved ones need. We provide everything that home care can provide as well as more personal help. This ranges from meal preparation to appointment driving assistance and light tidying. For more information on the services we can provide, book a consultation to see if we’re the right fit for your scenario.

Primary Services

To give you an idea of some areas we assist in, take a look at a list of services we provide. Our services are not limited to this list. We work with you and your loved ones to meet all of their needs. Give us a call to discuss the services you will need.

In-Home Care

All essential in-home care services provided by the same individual you have come to rely on and trust will be by your side.

Errand and Appointment Shuttles

From getting to medical appointments to everyday groceries, your transportation needs will be covered.



End of Life Doula Services

Going beyond traditional in-home care our end of life doula services provides customized support to meet the unique needs, beliefs and desires of your loved one before and during thier final transition of life.


CDHCI Program

*From Alberta Blue Cross

Client Directed Home Care Program


Key Benifits of CDHCI Program

  • You won’t have to self-manage your care – our team will help you navigate our healthcare system.
  • The power of choice rests in your hands; select the care provider that best fits your unique needs and desires.
  • Swift, seamless access to our services if you have short-term intensive needs, cultural considerations, or those residing in regions where AHS services are scarce.


  • Reside in Alberta and have a valid health care card.
  • Complete a home care assessment carried out by AHS.
  • Have a predictable and consistent level of need for home care services.
  • Be responsible for any difference between the AHS-funded rate and Seamless Cares Ltd. hourly rates.

Where to Begin?

First, let’s start with contacting your current AHS Case Manager to determine eligibility. Alternatively, you can self-refer by dialing the AHS Community Home Care Intake line at 811. A Case Manager will be scheduled to assess your needs and allocate hours after a visit to your home.

Next: Review and sign the Consent to Disclose Information form and the Letter of Agreement. These will outline the terms and responsibilities. Both documents will be provided by your case manager.

Finally, provide Seamless Cares with your approval letter from Blue Cross and then our team will build your individualized care plan, schedule your services, and manage the administrative and billing responsibilities.

All Services

Please find a list below to give you an idea of some of the services we provide. We put together custom service lists for each client to meet all their needs.


Daily / Weekly Check- Ins


Meal / Grocery Planning


Errand Assistance


Medication Reminders


Medical Appointment Transportation


Meal Preparations


Light Cleaning and Tidying


Indoor and Outdoor Activities


Organization of Home and Estate/End of Life Documents


End of Life Doula Services

Seamless Cares

Special Services

With unique and more hands on care, we encourage you to get in touch with us to see how we can provide the help that you need and set up a specific plan for you and your loved ones.

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